Each academic year, the Office of the Provost identifies a theme that unites the University of Pittsburgh community. Academic year 2021-2022 will be the Year of Data and Society at the University of Pittsburgh. Through the Year of Data and Society, we celebrate existing expertise and practices at Pitt in data methods and data studies, increase our awareness of what socially responsible data practices look like in all domains, and develop strategies for areas where we can grow. 

The Year of Data and Society provides the University of Pittsburgh an opportunity to think critically about the data we collect, use, and leave behind as traces, through our scholarly work, education, institutional operations, and digital lives. We will explore the societal implications of data and its uses, recognizing that data can both empower and marginalize individuals and communities. Our year-long conversation and supported activities will focus on what MIT professor Sarah Williams calls "data action," or responsible and ethical data practices that benefit the public good.

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Through Year of Data and Society events, the University of Pittsburgh will foster community, collaboration, and conversation around socially responsible data practices and explore the societal implications of data and its uses.

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Funding Opportunity

The Steering Committee for the University of Pittsburgh Year of Data and Society invites proposals to support programs, events, curriculum development, and research projects that connect to the theme.